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You can reset cookie consent at any time by clicking this button: is an online visualization that keeps track of how many Italian monuments are documented on Wikidata, and how many of those are photographed at least once.

“Monument” is an umbrella term that collects many definitions of cultural properties. In this project, it is considered a monument any Wikidata item located in Italy which is an instance of peculiar types (for example Church, Castle, …) or that participates in the Italian Wiki Loves Monument contest.

The goal is to provide a geographical and temporal overview of the evolution of photographic documentation, both in relation to the “Wiki Loves Monuments” contest and to the Commons in general.

In the first case, you can see the monuments aggregated into three main categories: an estimate of monuments present on Wikidata, monuments that are part of the context, and monuments photographed one or more times. The second category is needed due to a limitation introduced by the Italian government stating that you need authorization from the monument’s owner to upload a picture of it using a Creative Commons license compliant with the Commons policies.

The second view allows you to see two main categories: the monuments documented on Wikidata and the ones that have at least one picture on the Commons depicting them. Some monuments have been photographed outside the Wiki Loves Monuments contest.

You can filter space and time in both views, moving from the national overview to single municipalities.

Finally, you can explore the monuments in a given area in a tabular form, checking their status at the current moment.

The project is realized by DensityDesign Lab and Wikimedia Italia, with the help of Inmagik.

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